Accelerate and simplify your Coupa & ERP integration

    Remove the worry of ongoing platform management



    Need to integrate Coupa into your ERP but not sure how?

    Your financial systems are the backbone of your business and integrating Coupa into these systems can be a real headache if you don’t have the right strategy, experience and tools. It can become a constant migraine if it isn’t maintained properly in the long term. That’s where Xoomworks’ Managed Integration Platform as a Service, XoomConnect comes in.


    What is XoomConnect?

    XoomConnect is Xoomworks’ managed integration platform as a service (MiPaaS), a CoupaLink certified platform that accelerates and simplifies the technical integration between your Coupa system and ERP(s); saving you time and money through implementation and significantly lowering ongoing maintenance cost and resource once your solution is live.

    We can accelerate the integration of Coupa with your ERP(s) with the plug and play deployment of XoomConnect, much faster and less costly than having to engage an additional third party to build your integration from scratch.

    Using XoomConnect and integration experts from Xoomworks, we can integrate with virtually any ERP, ensuring you’re up and running quickly in the short term, and making the most out of your Coupa investment long term.

    Download our value proposition to learn more about XoomConnect.

    Why XoomConnect?


    Saves time and money by reducing integration and maintenance effort.


    Manages your integration for you.


    Reduces risk by using a proven solution.


    ERP independent: works with many ERP’s including the latest technologies such as SAP S/4HANA.


    Accelerated implementation using tried and tested plugins.


    Implemented with expertise.


    Continuous upgrading and maintenance.


    Speeds up error resolution.

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    Make integration effortless when implementing Coupa.

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