The Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay Implementation

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    To share the knowledge and key lessons we have learned after 600+ successful Source to Pay implementation projects, we produced a 12-part guide to help you on your journey, and ensure the implementation brings you the benefits you should be achieving.

    Chapter 0 - Coverpage_v2

    We understand the importance of approaching your S2P implementation as a business transformation, rather than just a technology project.


    The complete guide covers all the steps of running a successful Source to Pay implementation project, from developing a compelling business case, selecting the right system and implementation partner, through to post go-live maintenance and continuous improvement.

    From start to finish, this 12-part eBook series will take you on a complete journey, sharing insight and best practice from over 600 successful S2P implementations.

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    Don't miss this valuable opportunity to ensure your S2P implementation achieves its transformational objectives and benefits for your organisation.


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    The "Ultimate Guide on Source to Pay Implementation" is organised into the following chapters:

    Chapter 0 - Coverpage_v2

    1.   Developing the Business Case and Target Operating Model

    2.   System and Implementation Partner Selection

    3.   Mobilisation, Resources and Team Structure

    4.   Change Management

    5.   Governance and Risk Management

    6.   Solution Design

    7.   Build and Test

    8.   Integration

    9.   Supplier Enablement

    10.  Training and Go-live

    11.  Release Management

    12.  Performance Management and Continuous Improvement