The 7 steps to procurement excellence

    7 steps to procurement excellence

    Learn from experts how to increase effectiveness for the whole procurement function.

    This 7 step process can guide you to embark on a journey of transformation and increased effectiveness for the whole procurement function.

    Two of our top consultants have combined their knowledge in creating an eBook that brings together the 7 steps to achieving procurement excellence.

    We specialise in working with organisations to improve their procurement functions from being old-world cost centres to innovative revenue generators. Our digital procurement strategies concentrate on changing behaviours as much as focusing on changing processes and systems, we achieve remarkable results.

    About the authors:

    • Bob Thompson is a lead in the Sourcing & Transformation Practice at Xoomworks, responsible for creating new solutions and markets in the public and private sector.
    • Gary Entwistle is a Principal Consultant in the Sourcing and Transformation practice and has been working mostly on procurement cost reduction, sourcing, operational improvement, procurement transformation and project management.

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